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Source A Marvellous Property Deal in Only 5 Days

Property investment is constantly evolving. In this free 5 day challenge, you'll learn how to find hidden cash to invest, choose your target area and source a deal within 5 days getting you real-world results to start your property portfolio and thrive in today’s world.

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What You’ll Learn

We'll teach you how to find the ideal area that tenants want and help you source a killer deal that makes you cashflow of £500+ per month.

Discover Hidden Cash

Be amazed as we delve into pots of cash that already have and how best to utilise them for purchasing deals

Analyse Your Area

Find out what’s working—and what’s not—by learning how to analyze your target area.

Dig For Demand

Get clear on exactly what the demand is for your property - and how much money you could make.

Stack Your Profit

Follow our step-by step calculator to tell you exactly how much money you'll make every month

Fund Your Deal

Bringing it all together by following our proven process for funding your deal - all in a matter of only 5 days.

A Bit About Us

League of Extraordinary Investors was founded in 2018 by Matthew Moody, a 25 year business veteran and owner of a multi-millionaire real estate portfolio. After years of working with clients and creating multi-million dollar portfolios, Matthew founded League of Extraordinary Investors to help business owners leverage cash in their business to create an alternate pension pot. 

League of Extraordinary Investors combines the expertise of a large expensive consultancy, with a personalized touch of a boutique firm. We’re passionate about helping business owners see better investment results with less stress and confusion. 

We firmly believe your success is our success. 


"Sound and solid tried and tested advice from a true professional in the field, delivered with honesty and real-life examples.  Absolutely no rah-rah sales stuff (thank god!)"

– Susie Wilder, Project Manager & Investor

"With you by our side I am sure we can achieve anything!"

– Jannica Morina, Property Investor

"Matthew is a great speaker, engages well with his students and imparts knowledge very well.  I'm now ready to embark on my property journey"

– Pete Cowan, Financier & Property Investor

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